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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mike Walden - Acne No More - With Rice and Buckwheat Seven-Day Diet

Mike Walden - Acne No More Review - With rice and buckwheat seven-day diet that does not happen, these diets are the most popular, as bring the least harm to health, you do not feel stress during dieting since then continue to eat the amount of food which used to your stomach.

 Buckwheat diet - For seven days you eat only steamed buckwheat, you can drink kefir is not very bold, a liter a day. Boil buckwheat is impossible, from the evening of her washed and soaked in boiling water.

The next morning steamed buckwheat is already possible. Salt and it cannot add different spices are also impossible. During the buckwheat diet can drink the water in unlimited quantities. Buckwheat will provide your body with all the vitamins, which means that your hair and skin will glow health. Body during buckwheat diet also perfectly clean, so already the fifth day of dieting you will feel extraordinary lightness. Rice diet - In the morning, boil a pound of rice without salt and spices and eat all day.

Additionally, you can eat boiled fish, boiled lean meat, fruit and vegetables. The total number of products that are attached to the rice should be no more than 200 g per day. Rice diet cannot get bored, because quite diverse, it is easy to comply within seven days. And rice and buckwheat diet is suitable to put him in perfect shape for a week before the celebration.

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